Uncategorized August 8, 2022

Build or Buy A House? Which is Right for You

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in life. However, before signing on the dotted line, there ...

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Uncategorized August 8, 2022

4 Key Phases Before Building a House

Building a house is a great accomplishment. However, the work doesn’t only start when construction begins on site. Rather, a ...

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Building Tips May 30, 2020

How to Become an Owner Builder

Fancy yourself a DIY master around the house? Looking to upgrade your renovation skills to home building skills? If you ...

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Building Tips November 17, 2021

Calculating the Cost of Building a Home

Building a house can be an exciting endeavour. However, there is one lingering question, how much is this all going ...

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Kit Home History July 30, 2020

Miraculous Modern Building Materials

The materials we build with have changed a great deal over the years. They have become stronger, lighter, more durable ...

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Kit Home Options May 30, 2012

Materials for More Environmentally Friendly Construction

For years, environmentalists have criticised traditional construction materials and techniques as being far too harsh on the planet. Finally, the ...

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Enhancing Your Home August 15, 2012

Options for Interior Design on a Budget

Whether you are planning for the interior design of your ideal home or split-level house, if you don’t have a ...

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News April 22, 2020

Single storey vs double storey: what’s right for your family

Constructing a new home is exciting. You’ll be making a lot of decisions on details like the layout of your ...

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Current Design Trends June 12, 2018

Sleep Easy With These 6 Modern Bedroom Trends

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart, or you have a taste for the finer things, there are some simple ways ...

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