Bathrooms, especially small ones, are one of the hardest rooms in the house to successfully decorate. This is because people struggle to master the main elements of bathroom design.

First of all, you want the space to look bigger than what it actually is. Second, you need enough stand-out features to make it memorable, textured, and cozy. And last but not least, the key to having a time-saving and functional bathroom is to ensure you make it storage friendly and practical.

These things can be tough to achieve, however it’s not impossible. Create a smart, effective, attractive and elegant space by getting some inspiration from our favourites below.


via House Beautiful

Even though this bathroom utilises cold colours, the chair, rug and curtains give a sense of warmth and coziness. The bright lighting also adds luminosity, making the room seem bigger than it actually is.


via Elle Decor

The most notable detail of this bathroom is the mirrored wall behind the sink. A large mirror will always generate the illusion of a larger space.


via House Beautiful

A clever design, perfect for a small space. The cornered shower has an entirely separate room inside the bathroom which looks fantastic, while its low-key style shifts all the attention to the eye-catching floor tiles.


via House Beautiful

Space isn’t a huge problem in this bathroom – so why not build an imitation fireplace to enjoy relaxing, wintery baths?


via HGTV

Very simple and modern, the owners of this bathroom have maximised storage potential by adding a towel rail to the shower door.


via HGTV

Floating storing space? That’s a yes from us. This great design idea creates the impression of a tidier and more spacious room.


via House Beautiful

Painting or pasting designs on the bathroom’s walls can be a beautiful detail adding incredible awe factor, especially if the walls and floors are white.


via House Beautiful

An interesting take on the mirror effect – without even using one! This trick of symmetry can make small spaces look bigger, and works especially well if you need to install two sinks.


via House Beautiful

Simple and truly minimalistic, this bathroom ticks all the boxes on how to make a small bathroom look bigger. An open shower, separated from the dry area by a frosted glass door (which gives privacy but allows the light to come through), a floating vanity, a large mirror, and neutral colours are the best features of this design.


via House Beautiful

Yes, a bathroom will always look more pristine and traditional in white, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it! Adding a different tile colour to the floor and creating a pattern all the way to the shower evokes a sense of continuity, translating to the illusion of more space.


via Fresh Home

The floating vanity is only the beginning here. This bathrooms best feature is by far the large mirrored cabinet over the sink, which is perfect for maximising storage space, and conveniently give you a decent look of yourself too!


via Fresh Home

A standard, efficiently laid out bathroom should never be overrated. The addition of wooden tones gives a warmer, stylish feel to an otherwise very plain design.


via House Beautiful

A painting and plant combo in your bathroom will go a long way towards enriching the space – they’re the finishing touches which can make a room feel complete and cared for.


via House Beautiful

An open shower makes extra space for even the smallest bathrooms. If you’re worried about water going everywhere, you can always consider a semi-wall to divide the dry and wet sections.


via House Beautiful

Blue and white colour tones, for the traditional and the romantic. Another trick that’ll make your bathroom look more spacious: install a pedestal sink.


via House Beautiful

Making in-built storage part of the overall design creates a smart, effective, and modern bathroom.


via House Beautiful

If limited space means you can’t have that big spa you had in mind, there are other options – like this small round tub. Minimalistic, modern, and space-friendly.


via Fresh Home

Framed photographs can make colder rooms feel warmer, adding that little bit of colour and texture an ultra white bathroom needs.

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