Building a country kit home can be an incredible experience. More space, a bigger house and plenty of options when it comes to just how you design your home.

Country style kit homes do require you to consider a number of factors prior to building, however. You may dream of that country style living, but you will require knowledge and experience to make it reality.

What is a country kit home by Kitome?

Country kit homes by Kitome are specifically designed to make use of the open spaces, accommodating features that are unique and desirable to country living. Country home designs are architecturally designed, and provide a template for you to customise based on your preferred floor plans.

They offer ample living space for entertaining, be it friends or just the whole family. The majority of Kitome’s country home designs will come with separate rumpus and living areas so the kids can have their own space.

Benefits of building a country kit home by Kitome

Country kit homes by Kitome offer a number of benefits over other types of rural and urban dwellings. Consider the following:

A verandah for all seasons

Australia is a country of near perfect weather. From warm, active summers to cool winters, the country home verandah is built to accommodate and appreciate all seasons. Urban dwellings don’t enjoy the same breathtaking vistas , fresh country air and the vast, uninterrupted skies that you get with country living. But if you truly want to soak up the serenity of your country home design, there’s no better way then with an ample wrap around verandah.

Contemporary or classic country kit home design

Your country home can be contemporary in design, or it can take on a classic look, it all comes down to the materials you choose. Timber is a popular choice for both interior and exterior components, but some modern designs make use of steel frames.

By choosing a country kit home by Kitome, you’re benefiting from the experience in material choice that comes from thousands of previous country builds. The Kitome design team knows what works and what doesn’t in a country space, and can advise you accordingly.

A warm, inviting place

Your country home should capture the unique character of rural life. Appealing living spaces that are both spacious and inviting, warm yet airy. These open home designs are great for any number of residents, whether it be a family of five or a couple looking for a tree change. By considering a country kit home by Kitome, you get a proven blueprint for country home living and the option to make your own mark.

Open living

When you’re working with a lot of open space, utilising a lot of light sources will show off your home’s features. Keep the orientation of your kit home in mind, as this will affect the amount of light your home gets in addition to how your home is naturally heated. In most country home designs a certain symmetry is key. Talk to your Kitome consultant about the best build and materials for your windows.

Before you build your country kit home

Before you start building your new country style kit home, it pays to know these three handy tips.

1.Consider a first home owners grant

Different states have different rules, but if this is your first home, chances are you might be able to benefit from a first home owners grant. These grants can save you thousands of dollars and help you acquire your dream home sooner. For a complete state-by-state rundown of the terms and conditions for first home buyer grants, read our full article.

2. Know your water sources

Where does your property connect to a water source? With many new rural builds, there is an obligation to collect rainwater to help lessen the burden on utilities water. In NSW for example, the BASIX initiative targets a 40% reduction in mains usage. Other water sources can be creeks, rivers and dams, which are great for use on your property.

3. Know the climate

Average temperatures only tell part of the story. What about yearly rainfall, seasonal highs and lows, and trends over the last few decades? Make sure you’re confident in this information, as it can affect how you orientate and insulate your home.

Other considerations

Depending on where your new kit home is located, you make also want to consider:

  • The incline of your block, which will call for a more customised approach to designing your home.
  • Risk of bushfire is always something you should keep top of mind. There are several ways to keep your home safe from bushfires, so make sure to keep across the latest news from your local and state fire services.
  • Access to electricity and gas is very important, so be sure to consult with the relevant specialists in order to get everything right before starting your build.

Kit homes are not a ‘one size fits all’ project. In fact, with Kitome the first step is sitting down with a consultant to collaborate on how you want your kit home to look. You will have input on the design, materials, floor plans, layout, and we’ll help customise your new home to fit the landscape in which you are building, or we can help design your home from scratch so you end up with exactly what you want.

The design team at Kitome are ready to help you meet the challenge of building the perfect country kit home. Contact us today for a free consultation on your new dream home.

Want to learn more about kit homes and kit home designs? Here’s everything you need to know about kit homes.

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