Dollarphotoclub_56180131Steel frame buildings are fast becoming a popular choice among builders, who understand the many benefits that come from using steel. Steel framing lasts longer, is light and easy to transport and is proven to withstand extreme temperatures of more than 1000ºC.

Here’s a closer look at just some of the benefits of using steel framing:

1. Easy Installation

Steel frames are accurately engineered to fit simultaneously, meaning no exceptional fasteners are required. This means fewer workers putting frames together, no cutting, retaining or hammering long, bulky planks synchronously.

2. Cost effectiveness

Since fewer workers are required to fit steel, it’s little wonder that steel is a cost effective material. Add to this the slashed costs of manufacturing as well as the reduced on-site waste, and steel becomes a very affordable option.

3. Defense

Steel frame buildings are significantly more blaze resistant than wood framed constructions and are resistant to termites, bugs, rodents, mold and fungi, all of which can cause extreme damage to a home. Steel framing doesn’t have to be treated with the chemicals that timber does, and the likelihood of steel being hit or impaired by lightning is minimal.

4. Durability

Steel frames do not age over time and will not buckle, divide, distort, rot or splinter. Steel is corrosion resistant, and future climate changes shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Flexibility

Steel’s deep-rooted strength allows for architectural and design flexibility, and frames can be molded into long spans and curves that can be easily incorporated to suit a buildings design.

6. Strength

The strength of steel means excellent support for larger spaces, greatly increasing the scope of design possibilities. With steel, design capabilities are infinite and for those wanting to customise their home design the only limitation is one’s level of imagination and budget.

7. Environmentally friendly

Steel framing lasts longer, is light and easy to transport and creates minimal raw material waste. One of the greatest benefits of steel is that it can be recycled.

Choosing between steel and timber for your new home is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. It’s important to consider a range of factors and the right choice will largely depend on the cost and look you hope to achieve. Before making your decision, ask yourself a series of questions:

Do I live in a humid area? In humid temperatures, steel can be prone to rust and can not be treated in the same way timber can.

Is my home susceptible to termite infestations? In Australia, termites cause $780 million in damages every year, so if you live in an area prone to termites, steel is your best option.

Do I plan to DIY? For DIY builders, timber is much easier to work with and won’t require the same specialised tools that steel does. For those wanting to use steel, a steel frame home is a great option as you won’t have to put too much together.

Do I live in a fire zone? Those living in areas prone to fire should always avoid building with any flammable material. While there is no guarantee that a steel home will survive a large blaze, steel is a lot less likely to burn than timber. Steel could be the difference between saving your home and not.

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