In recent times ‘going green’ has become quite the buzzword, with people looking to be more energy efficient and cut their own bills in the process. We’re going to take you through the advantages of going green, so you can see just how big a difference you can make on both yourself and your bills just by deciding upon a few lifestyle changes. You’ll end up making a big difference to your carbon footprint and the bottom line as a whole.

Install a Tesla Powerwall battery

The Tesla Powerwall is a nifty device that makes it easy for any modern household to increase their level of energy efficiency, and quite significantly too. The way the Tesla Powerwall battery works is pretty simple, but the results are quite impressive. The Powerwall battery charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when electricity rates are at a reasonable level, and then uses this stored up power to power the rest of your home for the evening. These devices are automated, compact, and quite simple to install, allowing you to enjoy maximum energy consumption without having to pay through the nose or damage the environment.

Install a solar panel system

One of the most effective – and unfortunately most underutilised – ways to get energy from Mother Nature is by using solar power. While it takes a little bit of effort to get your solar panel system set up and running, once your investment is ready to go you will be in a great position to reduce pollution and significantly lower your week to week energy expenses. There’s really no argument against solar panels, so it’s a shame that not more homes have them installed.

Install a solar water heater

If you’re not ready to make the commitment to a solar panel system, why not consider opting for a solar water heater? This will still help you cut down on energy costs without the huge significant outlay. For a much lower initial cost you’ll be able to see real results in no time at all, and be able to make a significant difference to your carbon footprint without any fuss.

Install a wind generator

The first thing you probably think of when wind generators come to mind are the huge turbines on the highway to Canberra, but smaller versions of wind generators are becoming increasingly available (and popular!). Depending on the outlay and your locality, wind generators can generally produce a significant amount of power, but of course there are some situations that are better suited for it than others, so be mindful when considering installation.

Consider getting your home re-insulated

Did you not that most households on average are using a huge amount of energy due to heating and cooling expenses that arise from poor insulation? For a simple weekend project that you can organise without too much trouble at all, getting your home re-insulated represents a fantastic return on your investment and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long term. And, most importantly, it’s helping the environment quite a bit.

Consider installing an energy monitor

No matter how much you’re willing to invest however, changing your lifestyle habits and going green for 2016 will require a degree of self-control. One of the easiest ways to stay on top of your energy use it by installing an inexpensive energy monitor which will help you and your family to develop responsible energy habits. By encouraging these habits and monitoring when your use is getting a little out of hand, you can be sure you’ll always be right on top of your energy expenses and never at risk of spending too much for a month.

Change your appliances to more effective models

Sure, you might have an emotional attachment to the fridge that’s been with you through countless footy finals, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Sure, changing your appliances to more energy effective models is an outlay that is expensive (at least initially) but you’ll find that over the long term you’re saving quite a bit of money. And you’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment considerably.

Smart power strips

Devices that are plugged in and turned off or fully charged are actually to blame for a huge amount of the energy wasted around the world. To avoid this, consider purchasing a smart power strip. These devices normally don’t cost a lot of money and can sense which of the devices plugged into the outlet require the most energy. So if there are devices that are plugged in that are already fully charged or not in use (wasting a lot of energy) the smart power strip can figure out which one they are and move to divert power away from them once and for all.

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