In recent years the tiny house movement has been growing in momentum. People are flocking to this different way of living as a means to save money and be environmentally friendly. However, what many people don’t realise is that they don’t need to downsize to save money. Especially when it works out that in some cases, a 4 bedroom kit home may cost less than building a tiny house from scratch.

What is a Tiny House

In essence, a tiny house is a living space designed to be as practical as possible. The challenge is striking a balance between remaining small yet also liveable and practical. Tiny houses feature smart designs that maximise utility while minimizing scale and environmental impact.

The tiny house movement appeared from those aspiring to a more fulfilling life without being hampered by debts or a mortgage. As a way to achieve this, many thought that downsizing was the right option.

How Much Does it Cost

Tiny houses can cost as little as $8,000 and as much as $150,000. While they are an effective way to downsize, oftentimes tiny houses can be more expensive per square metre. Along with being more expensive per square metre, there are additional and unexpected costs that pop up when building a tiny house. Things like purchasing a trailer for the house to stand upon and purchasing land or leasing a lot for your tiny house to reside on all cost a lot of money.

The cost of a tiny house is on average more expensive as people look to consolidate everything they own and all their amenities into one place. Once added costs like insulation, electricity and plumbing are added, many find that they could have built a standard 3 bedroom house for the same amount as their tiny house.

Things to Consider

Some people cut the cost of their tiny house by using salvaged materials, however, building a tiny house requires a lifestyle adjustment. When planning the design of a tiny house, owners have to think of every single detail, with emphasis on aspects like storage ongoing costs of home maintenance.

Planning needs to be thorough even down to the trailer you will use as the foundation for your tiny house. Does it have any weight restrictions? Can it withstand the vibrations from transportation? Finally, does it have the capacity to safely tow the tiny house when travelling on a windy day?

The physics of heating and cooling within a tiny house also need to be taken into account. In a small space, air can get trapped and heat up quickly. As we know, heat rises, so is a loft bed that will attract the heat of the home really a good option?

With so much to consider when building a tiny house, would a cheaper option be more comfortable and beneficial to your lifestyle?

What is a Kit Home

Enter a kit home. In essence, a kit home is a home where most of the components are brought to the property where it is assembled. It can be described as putting a huge kit together and even better, the frames can be made from steel or timber- whatever you prefer. The best part of a kit home is how cost effective they are when compared to building your own home, or even building a tiny house.

Benefits of a Kit Home

A huge benefit of kit homes is the fact that they take only a matter of months to build. The nature of tiny homes is that they are intricate. So much planning needs to be undertaken before a hammer is lifted. This all takes up time, resulting in a move in date that exceeds months. Therefore, a key benefit of a kit home is how quickly individuals can move in and find creative ways to use space you can’t get with a tiny home.

As kit homes are built to withstand the journey to the block of land you have purchased, they are a quality build. This means that a kit home is more durable and therefore able to withstand more elements than many other homes or tiny houses.

Finally, the biggest benefit of a kit home is how cost effective it is. A kit home costs less to build per square metre than traditionally built homes. This means that those who are looking to downsize and live without debt have another option to tiny houses.

With 3 bedroom kit homes starting from $54,367, 4 bedrooms from $67,514 and 5 bedrooms from $91,155, you may find that choosing a 5 bedroom kit home works out cheaper than building your own tiny house and downsizing your entire life.

Kitome’s Value

Looking for your dream home? Kitome offers a wide range of fully customisable homes for you to choose from or you can design your own! Talk to the friendly team at Kitome today.

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