News September 6, 2015

How to Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Interior design can be a complicated proposition, no matter how small or large a room may be. With so many ...

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News June 10, 2014

The Front Door: Your Home’s First Impression

Creating curb appeal is essential when establishing your home. What people see from the street is the first impression of ...

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News June 13, 2014

Neutral vs Bright Colours for Your Bathroom Decor

Colour has its place in the home and can give great insight into the kind of person who lives there ...

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News August 10, 2014

How To Design An Energy Efficient Home

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, it’s important to incorporate energy-efficient features into the design of the home. ...

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News November 22, 2013

Preparing Your Home for a Bushfire

Bushfires are unfortunately all too common in Australia, so preparing the home for a bushfire is vitally important to protect ...

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News July 28, 2013

Expanding the Home for More Space

For homeowners wanting to expand their home to create more space, either by renovating, demolishing and rebuilding or relocating, they ...

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News June 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Traditional Dining Room

Once upon a time, a dining room gave a sense of opulence to a home and was a must for ...

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News November 7, 2016

Questions To Always Ask Your Builder Before Construction

Building a new home is a very exciting and full-on experience. Getting to see your dream home come to fruition ...

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News January 20, 2016

2016 Interior Decorating Predictions

All of a sudden it’s a new year again. Celebrate the fresh start with the latest and greatest trends in ...

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