Thinking of building a kit home? Kit homes have become an extremely popular housing solution over the past few years, offering not just an affordable place to call your own, but also the opportunity for you to play a role in constructing your own home as an owner builder. What’s more, building a new home can be a lot of fun, but achieving the desired outcome requires planning and investment. It’s important to take your time and plan for every detail from start to finish to ensure you have your bases covered. Your kit home company will provide you with a detailed list of information regarding the materials you’ll need. The following is a guide to creating a more general kit home building checklist.

Do some research

The first thing you should do is spend a decent amount of time doing some research, because unless you’re a master builder or have some sort of background in the trades, there’s going to be a huge amount for you to learn about. You’ll need to know all about the process of building your kit home – there are a lot of steps that you have to take and you don’t want to miss an important one, as well as know all of the local building regulations. What’s more, you’ll need to get permits and hire contractors, so even if you’re going to be more of a hands-off style of owner builder, make research number one on your checklist and give yourself plenty of time to get your head around all of the details.

Collect ideas on an inspiration board

Once you know what’s involved in having a home built, get some inspiration by looking into the different kinds of ways you could design your new place. For example, you can watch home building shows or get some ideas from the Internet. It’s best to brainstorm and collect ideas on an inspiration board, especially in the early stages when you’re still refining ideas. Consider setting up a different board for each room or space in your house and collect cut-outs from magazines and the web. The more you see of other people’s homes, the more likely you’ll be able to find the perfect design for your own place.

Do a course

Doing your own research is good, but if you’d like to play a more active role in the building of your kit home, taking an owner builder course is a fantastic idea. The courses are short and inexpensive and will ensure you’re ready for absolutely anything that may come up while building your home – so make sure that taking a course is an item on your checklist.

Create a budget

Your budget has to be firmly on your kit home building checklist, as it’s vital that you have enough money to build your home. While you’re familiarising yourself with everything that needs to get done, consider how much each step will cost and at what stage of the process it should be paid for. Include everything from the main costs to any extra upgrades you may want to have done along the way, as you don’t want to be tempted by expensive upgrades throughout the building process. You can also cut costs and get a better price by negotiating discounts or buying items on sale. Managing costs from the very start will ensure that your finances are ready every step of the way and prevent unexpected costs from popping up and derailing your plan. So, work out what you want, budget for it, and stick to your budget.

Additionally, when you’ve narrowed your choices down to a few homes, start calling around and obtain at least three quotes for everything. You’ll want to know whether your dream home is totally within your reach or far out of your price range. This’ll help you to alter your plans if necessary or cement your decision to move ahead, and usually thesequotes will even be free of charge.

Select the right home

These four words will be the most important item on your checklist, so allow yourself plenty of time to find that perfect home for you. There are a huge variety of kit homes available and you can even create your own custom kit home, though there may be certain stipulations depending on the company you go with. Whatever you choose, make sure your kit home is absolutely perfect.

Select the right builder

To have your kit home built to look great and last, nothing is more important than having the right builder, so check out as many reviews as you can and even go and look at some of their completed work.Seeking out recommendations is another great way to find a reputable builder, so also ask your friends and family for personal references before making a choice. Apart from being amazingly skilled, a good builder will also come with a good crew of tradespeople and will be able to keep them organised and on schedule without issue.

Ready to build your kit home?

Moving into your new kit home having helped build it will be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life – not to mention the joy of finally being able to afford a home of your own. Being organised throughout the entire process will make a huge difference, and even the simplest checklists can help keep you and your kit home’s construction on track and stress free.

If you need help with the planning and building of your home, including creating a more customised kit home build checklist, speak to the pros at Kitome. It can be fun being involved in the planning of your home but having a professional lead the project is often the safest option. While you’ll still be involved every step of the way, letting someone who knows better take the reins ensures that your kit home gets built well, on time, and on budget. Talk to the friendly team at Kitome today.

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