Putting together your own kit home can be an exciting undertaking, especially if it will be your first home. The best approach to take is definitely slow and steady, as rushing your home’s construction can lead to problems down the line. Having a few solid tools on your side will make the whole experience way better, so if you don’t have the following skills yet, you’d better start brushing up on them.


Putting together a kit home is a relatively simple process, though there are a lot of steps involved and the order is kind of important, so you’ll need to be organised. The more time you give yourself to research and get prepared before your kit home arrives, the easier it will be to stay on top of the process once it begins.


As with any significant undertaking, and especially building projects, there are times when problems may arise and things may need to be rethought or problems solved. It’s natural for these situations to happen, so just deal with them as best you can and move on. Having a lot of patience is going to be important in putting your kit home together, because if you lose your cool with your contractor or your trades people, it can significantly affect the quality of the work done.

Research skills

Unless you’re in the building industry yourself, there will be a lot to learn as far as how to put your kit home together, from council paperwork required to the order of construction. The more you know, the easier the whole process will be, and it’s far more interesting if you understand what’s happening.

People skills

Putting together kit homes requires quite a bit of help, so being able to work with others will make the entire process much easier. If you genuinely like people, this will help a lot, because you’ll have the chance to develop strong ties with at least a few of those people involved in the process.

Budgeting skills

You should have a well defined, clear budget throughout the entire process, and ensure that you stick to it as much as possible. Budgeting skills will be crucial, as you’ll constantly have the opportunity to add something on or get a fancy upgrade.

For most people, the construction of a kit home will be one of the largest projects they’ve ever been involved in. It can be a fantastic experience or a nightmare, and this mostly comes down to you. Going into the process with the best possible approach and set of skills will make it harder for you to get taken advantage of, and you’ll enjoy a far greater sense of accomplishment when your beautiful new home is completed. Enjoy building your new home and flexing those often-underused talents. This experience may make you want to start a few new projects, so you can keep those reawakened skills active.

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