Once upon a time, a granny flat was just that; a little box in the back yard where dear old gran would come to stay when she was no longer able to look after herself.

But granny flats aren’t just for grannies any more. A growing number of people have begun to realise the value of having a second fully self-contained premises on their property for both family and financial reasons.

Granny flats are not what they used to be either. These days, kit homes offer total flexibility in design and build options. You can choose the dimensions, fixtures and style of your granny flat, have it delivered with the components ready to assemble, and then either put it together yourself or have a contractor do it for you.

A kit home granny flat will cost you thousands of dollars less than a traditional build and it will add substantially to the value of your property, should you ever wish to sell.

While ideal for housing elderly parents, keeping them close to the family and avoiding the prohibitive costs of aged care facilities, a kit home granny flat can also serve a number of other purposes.

When teenagers reach that stage where they are still living at home but need their own space, a granny flat offers the perfect solution, giving them the privacy they need and preparing them for independent living, while still allowing you to keep an eye on them.

Or when your teens become young adults and have children of their own, your granny flat can provide cheap alternative accommodation for them while they save for their own home.

A kit home granny flat also makes an ideal studio for your hobbies and interests, as well as the perfect home office; a completely separate work space conveniently located just outside your back door.

With the growing shortage of housing in and around Australia’s capital cities, a kit home granny flat also becomes a lucrative financial asset.

Over a million people are expected to move to Brisbane and South East Queensland over the next two decades, and investors are already seeking out properties with yards suitable for granny flats.

New South Wales has recently introduced new legislation making it easier to get planning permission to build a granny flat in your back yard.

And when it comes to kit homes, Victoria and most other states have kit home manufacturers who will take care of planning permission for you as part of their service.

And what an investment a kit home granny flat can be. Costing roughly 10% of the price of your property, a rented granny flat begins paying for itself immediately, and if you rent your house with a granny flat attached, you can expect around twice the normal rental income.

Given all this, the humble granny flat can no longer be considered either humble or just for grannies. In kit home form, it’s an all purpose solution to changing family needs and a lucrative investment opportunity, requiring minimum outlay and offering maximum returns.

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