The shape of today’s work force is changing. To cut costs, many companies are now outsourcing where they can, and with all the latest advances in technology, working from home has become a real option for many people.

But it doesn’t work for everyone. A hectic home environment is not conducive to concentration and setting aside one room in the house as your office won’t keep all the distractions of family life at bay.

Young children don’t always understand the concept of ‘work time’ and if your partner is at home during the day, there will undoubtedly be distractions of one kind or another.

The solution is to have an office that is completely separate from your home, and kit homes fit the bill to a tee.

A kit home can be constructed anywhere in your yard and designed to exactly suit your work requirements, and once you step inside and close that door, it is your private space.

No kids screaming in the background while you’re on the phone to a client, no dogs whining for attention, no cats getting tangled in your computer cables. Just golden silence, a tidy work area and a clear plan of action. A line has been crossed and you are no longer at home, you are at work.

As well as being psychologically important for productivity, having a clearly delineated work space is also a good idea from a business point of view. Separating home and office allows you to more accurately calculate your energy usage, phone bills and general office expenses for tax purposes.

And as far as energy goes, you’re bound to be using less of it when you’re only lighting, heating or cooling one or two rooms instead of an entire house.

A kit home office is also a great idea if you deal with clients face to face in the course of running your business. Being able to receive them in a professional office environment makes a much better impression than moving piles of washing off the couch so they can sit down.

On the flipside, if your business is art or craft based, you may be keeping the mess out of the house rather than in. You also don’t have to pack up what you’re doing at the end of the day. It can all be left safe from interference and ready to pick up again when you return.

If you like the idea of a kit home office, but aren’t sure you could justify the expense, it’s worth bearing in mind that the design options are virtually unlimited in today’s kit homes. Victoria and most other states have kit home manufacturers who specialise in helping you design exactly what you need.

That means your kit home can contain features that easily allow it to become a studio, a granny flat, a teenage retreat or even a source of rental income should your priorities change in the future. A kit home in your yard also substantially increases the value of your property should you ever wish to sell.

So if you’re serious about working from home, give serious consideration to a kit home office. The benefits are enormous and once you have your own private space, you will wonder how you ever worked without it.

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