While it’s not suited for everyone, Airbnb offers a number of ways for homeowners to benefit from its extensive platform. Significantly altering the nature of the short-term property rental market, running an Airbnb property can provide extra income on the side for hosts. Done smartly, it can even generate five or six figures in annual revenue.

If you’re considering tapping into the Airbnb market you might like to think about a kit home.

Kit homes for Airbnb

The stylish and flexible designs of kit homes are perfect for Airbnb. You can create multiple living zones for separate bookings and co-living or you can design your home with group bookings in mind.

Kit homes for Airbnb means creating spaces that evolve and reconfigure according to the occupant’s changing needs. The fast nature of construction also means you can have your Airbnb up quickly and you can save up to 40% on costs when compared to a traditional build. On it’s own or placed in your backyard, a kit home can be a great investment. Additionally, you can save with ongoing home maintenance and renovations.

Airbnb has many less traditional homes listed for short-term rental. In Woodend, Queensland, Sandi let’s you soak up the calm in her creative home. Kit homes are a fast, stress-free way to build a holiday rental. As Airbnb grows, so too do the designs of kit homes.

What do guests want from your Airbnb?

There are certain things you should consider when thinking about becoming an Airbnb host. The following factors have been determined as key points which guests are looking for in an Airbnb property.

A good location

How popular your Airbnb will ultimately comes down to location. You could have the most amazing listing ever but if it’s not located somewhere people want to go, it’s not going to get booked. People need to type in a location to find your listing so your home should be located in a sought after destination. Do your research. Is your listing going to be in a desirable location?

Timely communication

Guests want to know that their questions will be answered in a timely manner. Should there be a problem with the wi-fi or fridge or they need to access a local doctor, their experience will be much more enjoyable if you are available to answer their questions. Your local tips can also make for a richer guest experience.

Easy check-in

If you’re arriving in a new destination on a late night flight or you’ve got a car full of kids desperate to get their holiday started you want to ensure you’ve got an easy check-in. Your home should be easy to find and check-in instructions easy to follow.


Having a clean home is a must for Airbnb, which is why a freshly constructed kit home makes such good sense for holiday accommodation. If the team at Kitome know your plans for renting out your new home they can work with you to ensure your home supports easy maintenance too.

A fair price

To be a fantastic Airbnb host you should be in line with your competition. Airbnb provide lots of articles concerning your pricing strategy but as a general guide:

  • Weekends and weekdays are usually a different price
  • Prices are affected by seasonality in your area
  • Special events attract special prices
  • A lower price can help you get bookings and reviews quickly

Making your kit home Airbnb stand out

With more than 5 million listings worldwide, it’s important your Airbnb listing stands out. By building with Kitome, you can customise your listing to do just this.

Designing for comfort

Your guests want to feel that the space has been comfortably designed with their needs in mind. This means a cosy and comfortable space for relaxing after a hard day’s sightseeing, plenty of hangers to hang their clothes and enough towel pegs in the bathroom to hang their extra fluffy towels.

Be bold

Being that this is a short-term rental home you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold with an interior scheme. Oversized art pieces, a wall mural, a magnificent light, these features will give your listing’s photos a ‘wow’ factor and your home a unique and memorable appeal.

Window finishings

Guests like privacy and sheer curtains or roller blinds unfortunately don’t lend to this. Blackout heavy curtains offer a touch of drama and luxe and are important for a good night’s rest or a midday rest when travelling.

Natural light

While heavy curtains offer privacy and a good night’s sleep, natural light is essential for capturing good imagery that will sell your property listing to holiday makers and business travellers. Determine the time of day that provides the best natural light and capture your listing at its brightest and most inviting moment.

Flowers and greenery

Flowers and greenery are a must in a holiday rental. Opt for long colourful stems in vases on tables, kitchen countertops and coffee tables to lift the feel of your listing. If you don’t want to continually provide fresh flowers, opt for high-quality faux flowers and plants.

Cater to the space

Your Airbnb listing should reflect the feel of the location. If you’re listing is in a cold location, make use of small spaces to create cozy reading nooks that guests won’t want to leave. If your listing is located by the beach, opt for open design and an outdoor shower so your guests can wash the sand off their feet.

If your abode is far from town, be mindful of distance for potential visitors where a car rental is required and to maket it. Families have to consider cars with a car seat when on holiday.

Interested in designing and customising a home as an Airbnb? Kitome has a wide range of fully customisable homes for you to choose from. Talk to the friendly team at Kitome today.

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