Kit Home Options August 5, 2019

Building A Tiny House – Why Kit Homes Are Better

In recent years the tiny house movement has been growing in momentum. People are flocking to this different way of ...

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Enhancing Your Home May 20, 2013

How To Improve Kit Homes

Whether you have just had a cheap kit home built or have been living in your custom kit home for ...

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Building Tips March 30, 2012

Essential Tools For Putting Kit Homes Together

Putting together your own kit home can be an exciting undertaking, especially if it will be your first home. The ...

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Kit Home Options May 14, 2019

Building Kit Homes As Airbnbs

While it’s not suited for everyone, Airbnb offers a number of ways for homeowners to benefit from its extensive platform. ...

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Kit Home Options July 15, 2012

How To Put The Finishing Touches On Kit Homes

Putting the finishing touches on a kit home will make it far easier to settle into, as these touches are ...

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Kit Home Options October 14, 2011

Kit Homes As Granny Flats Are The Perfect Solution

Once upon a time, a granny flat was just that; a little box in the back yard where dear old ...

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Building Tips January 30, 2013

Finding The Best Fittings For Kit Homes

Finding the right fittings for your kit home can make a significant difference to the look, feel and function of ...

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Enhancing Your Home April 1, 2014

How To Personalise Kit Homes

A home without personal touches can have the personality of a hotel room – although the interior is designed to ...

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Current Design Trends June 30, 2012

Colour Scheme Tips For Kit Homes

Coming up with a colour scheme for your kit home is all important, as the right colour combinations can make ...

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