News September 17, 2013

Add a Pop of Summer Colour to Your Home

Summery colours can be brought into your home any time of the year to add some brightness to your life ...

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News September 15, 2013

The Building Material of the Future

Modern cities generate an amazing amount of waste every day, and Australia is one of the worst offenders, producing 18 ...

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News September 9, 2013

When to Hire a Builder

You reckon you’re pretty handy with a hammer and saw, so why should you hire a builder? For one thing, ...

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News August 30, 2013

Forget Interior Decorating Rules

While there are rules around home interiors regarding space, styling, renovating and painting, the rules don’t have to be followed ...

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News August 29, 2013

Building with Hemp

The use of the inner fibre of the hemp stalk has been one of the most exciting recent developments in ...

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News August 26, 2013

Residential Building Recovery Forecasts Transition From “High Rise To Bungalows”

A report by BIS Shrapnel has indicated that the outlook for growth in the residential building sector will deliver mixed ...

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News July 31, 2013

Home Reno Survival Tips for Couples

Remodelling a home can put strain on relationships, which is due to stress from budgeting, spending, making many decisions, and ...

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News July 29, 2013

How to Create a Successful Home Remodelling Project

If you’re about to embark on a home remodelling project, it’s best to make sure you’re well prepared. Whether you’re ...

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News July 26, 2013

How Hardscaping Works

Hardscaping refers to the paved areas in landscape architecture, such as driveways, paths, pool surrounds, patios and pergola floors. Hardscaping ...

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