News July 23, 2013

Fungus as the Future of Green Building

Fungus is the future of green building, according to Ecovative, a New York-based company owned by Eben Bayer and Gavin ...

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Owner Builder Tips June 27, 2013

Making A Realistic Construction Timeline

When it comes to purchasing a kit home, there are several things that you’ll want to keep in mind in ...

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Kit Homes Explained May 18, 2013

Finding Some Assistance for Your Kit Home Construction

When it comes time to construct your new kit home, you have two choices available to you; either do it ...

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Uncategorized February 28, 2013

How to Find Building Contractors at the Last Minute

If you need a building contractor to do some work for you it is wise to book them as far ...

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Owner Builder Tips December 15, 2012

Common Delays in Home Construction

When it comes to construction, delays are inevitable. However, you can manage your costs and keep the project moving forward ...

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Current Design Trends November 30, 2012

Finding Online Inspiration for Interior Design

In the days before the Internet, to find inspiration for improving your interior design you would have had to pour ...

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Kit Home Options October 15, 2012

How Long Will My Home Construction Take?

Having a new home built can be really exciting, but it can also seem to take forever, so rather than ...

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Kit Home Options August 20, 2012

Making Your Home Building More Efficient

There is a huge amount that goes into the building of a home, and it can represent quite a sizeable ...

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Kit Home Options April 15, 2012

What Size Kit Home Do You Need?

Kit homes can be the perfect option for first homebuyers. They can help to bring in some rental income, house ...

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