Current Design Trends April 5, 2018

6 Kitchen Trends to Use In Kit Homes

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Generally, it’s where the family congregate at any hour ...

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Kit Homes Explained February 14, 2018

A Guide To Building Dream Country Kit Homes

Building a country kit home can be an incredible experience. More space, a bigger house and plenty of options when ...

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News May 15, 2020

Why You Need To Consider Kit Homes Instead

Considering buying off the plan? You’re not alone! Whilst it may seem like a strange concept to buy a house ...

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Enhancing Your Home November 23, 2017

The Complete Bushfire Safety Resource For Kit Homes

With very dry weather conditions this year, there’s a high chance of a bushfire occurring in rural areas. Are you ...

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Kit Home Options September 25, 2011

10 Reasons Why Kit Homes Make The Ideal Holiday Retreat

While the great Australian dream has always been to own your own home, the other great Aussie dream is to ...

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Enhancing Your Home September 12, 2019

Heating Options For Small Kit Homes

While every Australian is aware of our hot summers, how we keep our homes warm during the cooler months is ...

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Building Tips August 30, 2019

Recommended Doors For Kit Homes

Building a new home can be exciting, but when it comes to making big decisions (like choosing doors, for example) ...

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Kit Home Options September 23, 2021

Building or Buying: Why Kit Homes Are A Smart Investment

When deciding between building or buying a home, there is a lot to consider. At the end of the day, ...

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Building Tips October 12, 2018

6 Things To Know Before Building in Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland is like nowhere else on Earth. Fringed by reef, enveloped by rainforest, ringed by the red dirt ...

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