shutterstock_154608887-300x200A home without personal touches can have the personality of a hotel room – although the interior is designed to perfection, there is nothing to tell the story of the person who lives in the space. How a home is decorated can convey a lot about the occupants, and all it takes is a few simple touches.

“An interior that doesn’t suit your personality aesthetically can have a negative effect on you,” believes interior architect and designer, Nicola Elizabeth Jones. Interiors should be designed to suit your specific lifestyle: if you spend a lot of time in the family room, having a pokey and cluttered space can definitely have a negative effect on the mental well-being. When designing a home, make sure the design works for you and your family.

Always use art to personalize any space: whether this is commissioned, something that you really like or a piece you have created yourself, art adds life and interest to any space. Make a large canvas or statue the focal point of a room, or group smaller paintings and photographs together to create a unique display. Art is not restricted to just paintings, sculptures and statues so get creative when finding a piece to express your personality.

Create a unique display of special items. These could be trinkets collected while travelling, special items from childhood, awards, medals or anything else that holds a special place in your heart.

Family heirlooms, trinkets or treasures are another good way to personalize a room; the more unusual a piece is, the better. They don’t need to be priceless heirlooms to become an item of interest – anything that tells a story about you or your heritage will definitely become a distinguishing feature. One idea is to display Grandma’s old brooches by attaching them to a ribbon and wrap around a vase.

Add splashes of your favorite colour around the room – decor, rugs, even the curtain ties can become a part of the theme.  Brighten up a bland lounge suite with colorful cushions in a variety of your favorite patterns, keeping similar shades and tones where possible.

For a truly personalized house, consider monograms – on anything. These days, the choice is not restricted to simple lettering or initials, but also includes, photographs, specific décor themes and patterns on any item you can possible think of; some people even go as far as monogrammed cutlery and plates with patterns to match the interior décor. The only limit is your imagination.

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