Building a new home can be exciting, but when it comes to making big decisions (like choosing doors, for example) you’ll notice that there are a wide range of options available on the market. With doors, you have to consider the size, colour, frame, glazing, and style for both the internal and external doors of your home, which can be a little overwhelming. So to make it easier for you to choose the right doors for your home, here are Kitome’s top nine door recommendations (all offered by Hume Doors & Timber).

Entrance Doors 

The Hume Doors entrance range has a visual design that is not only clean and strong, but also beautiful to look at. The solid entrance doors are the best in the range as they provide strength and stability with their medium density and moisture resistant fibreboard core.

1. Vaucluse

The Vaucluse entrance door is made of high-quality materials and comes in a variety of styles to match any architectural frontage. It has detailed carved patterns on the external side of the door, whereas the internal side is smooth. If you want a simple and sleek design, the Vaucluse is definitely for you.

We use the XV14 Vaucluse as a standard inclusion in our Gable Series kit homes.

2. Vaucluse Premier

The Vaucluse Premier entrance door has deep carved patterns on both sides, along with attractive moulding on the external side, which is great for if you want to make a big statement. There’s also a wide range of glass options available to match any décor.

We use the XVP12 and XVP13 Vaucluse Premier as standard inclusions in our Freedom Series and Prestige Series kit homes.

3. Newington

The Newington entrance door is popular due to its everlasting appeal and unmatched adaptability. There are a number of dazzling designs, glass options, and matching sidelights to choose from to create the exact look you want. If you want a versatile door designed to impress, look no further than the Newington.

We use the XN5 and XN6 Newington as standard inclusions in our Freedom Series kit homes.

Hollow core internal doors

The Hume Doors internal range is visually impactful and designed to inspire. The hollow core internal doors are the best in the range with high-density honeycomb core and pre-primed faces perfect for paint finish. 

4. Honeycomb Core Flush and Moulded Panel Smooth

The Honeycomb Core Flush and Moulded Panel Smooth are traditional flush panel doors that you can use to support the theme you want without affecting your home’s visual appeal. There are bi-fold and multifold options available for the Honeycomb Core Flush, as well as made-to-order options in various sizes. As for the Moulded Panel Smooth, pre-cast production ensures every door is consistent and you can choose between non-solid and solid construction.

We use smooth flush panel doors as standard inclusions in our Gable Series and Freedom Series kit homes for an everlasting and refreshing look.

5. Sorrento

The Sorrento internal door will bring a fresh contemporary feel to your home. On both sides are beautifully carved rout designs that are produced on a premium primed door face. It has a non-solid construction with strong six millimetre skins for impact resistance.

We don’t offer Sorrento doors as standard inclusions in our kit homes, however they can be made to order.

6. Strata

The Strata internal door is unique and modern with eye-catching vertical and horizontal textured patterns. You can also add a metallic strip to the door to complement your own personality. It has a non-solid construction and is primed ready for painting.

We don’t offer Strata doors as standard inclusions in our kit homes but they can be made to order.

Door systems

The Hume door system range has technologically advanced solutions for both internal and external doors.

While we don’t offer door systems as standard inclusions in our kit homes, we can create them from scratch if you wish to install one.

7. Frontier Barn Door Sliding System

The Frontier Barn Door Sliding System has wide sliding doors and has become a popular interior decor piece. It’s the perfect room divider for the bedroom, wardrobe, or home office. You can choose between a modern and traditional design that adds real value to your home. What’s more, there are shaker style and inexpensive options across two barn door ranges, as well as plenty of great designs to help you achieve that sought-after authentic barn door look.

8. Pivot Door System

The Pivot Door System is ideal for large entrance doors and if you want to make a bold statement to boost your home’s street appeal. The factory assembled frame incorporates a heavy-duty pivot with quality fittings that allow you to adjust the door during installation. It also comes with perimeter seals and a self-closing mechanism.

9. Multifold Interior

The Multifold Interior Folding System is smooth and quiet. It also saves space as it can turn two rooms into one big room. Moreover, there’s a wide range of styles and sizes to pick from.

10. Alfresco Folding System

The Alfresco Folding System is fully assembled and weather sealed. Use it to double your living space by bringing the outside in and enjoy the relaxing style of true alfresco living.

Choosing the right doors for your kit home

With only the best doors to choose from, you should now be able to pick the right doors for your kit home. Whether you’re building a family home or a holiday home, it’s important that the doors you choose suit both your living needs and the style of your home.

Visit your closest Hume Door distributor to view our range in person.

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