You only get one chance to build your ideal home, so it’s essential that everything is done right, down to the last detail. That's why we assign you an experienced Home-Build Consultant to help you every step of the way.

Here's how it works. Your dedicated Home-Build Consultant will guide you through each of the nine stages below, coordinating everything for you and ensuring you get the best service and prices from suppliers.

Here’s how it works:

Initial Design Consultation

The first thing we do is sit down with you for an initial design consultation

During this meeting (which may take a few hours), your Home-Build Consultant will help you identify your 'musts' from your 'maybes' and create the foundation of your base dream home design.

Internal Design Service

Following the development of your preliminary concept sketch, our Internal Design Service (IDS) team now turn a sketch into formalised floor plan and set of corresponding elevations.

This is where we will make tweaks – moving a wall, or a built-in, changing the look and feel of your kitchen, identifying if you really want that extra bedroom or if we should set it up as a playroom or study.

Budget and Finance

Now we work with you to determine the best way of delivering your ideal home within budget

We will coordinate with our estimator or builder partners and finance partners to ensure that the conversation focusses on getting what you want, not what the bank manager wants!

Site Investigations

Now that design, component & project costs and preliminary finance approval have been established, we now move on to obtaining site specific information, allowing us to accurately produce drawings and certificates that align with actual site conditions.

This will ensure that the council approval process is undertaken and completed as efficiently as possible.

Construction Drawings

It's time to create your construction drawings. These are the detailed 'how to' for your builder (or you) to follow, and all the various regulators to use when providing development and building approvals.

Included in your construction drawings are your building energy rating certificate, summarising your new home's thermal, energy and water usage performance.

DA Approval

With the drawings and ratings in hand, we can engage with council on your behalf, should you wish.

With 26 years of experience dealing with almost every council in Australia, we'll make getting your DA easy!

Supplier quotes

Our highly experienced team of estimators begins producing a bill of materials for all of the components needed.

They will then acquire and present you with trade costs of materials to ensure that the right components are selected, the correct quantities are ordered and that every piece has its place in your new home.


By this time, you have already established your preferred method of construction. Allow us to assist and support you throughout the most exciting part of your home building journey.

With more than 4,000 homes behind us, there are very few hiccups that can occur which we haven’t dealt with before. After all, we said we'd make your home-build easy!

Move in and furnish (optional)

With your home nearing completion, all that is left is for you to work out how best to furnish your ideal home.

Our interior design specialists can assist you to make all the fittings, furnishing and colours meet your needs. Or you can do it yourself and just use us to help source some great discounts!

When it comes to designing your ideal home,
with Home-Build Concierge anything is possible

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