Being an owner builder is exciting. There is a great sense of achievement too once you’ve built your own home. Here we’ve listed the all important tips that will help make the building process just that little bit easier. Whether you’ve chosen your new house from a range of homes or are still in the process of selecting your new abode to build, we’ve got the tips you don’t want to miss:

Be organised

Well, this is rather obvious but it’s vital to ensuring you get the job done well. Here are a few tips to keep you organised:

  • Get a large diary to track quotes, appointments with contractors and keep an area at the back to keep all of their contact details.
  • Make up several copies of architectural and engineers drawings and any other relevant information contractors will want to see.
  • Be very specific with you contractors. To avoid confusion always go over a document several times before signing. For instance, specify how many and what type of lights you want so you aren’t disappointed with the end result.
  • Have every little detail on the plans. If you don’t do this you may end up with a bit of a shock by incurring extra fees.

Working out a schedule

It can be difficult to know what work needs to be done before something else and coordinating this can prove to be tricky. A great way to overcome this is to have people who have worked together in the past do the job.

All contractors need to be kept in the loop about the different stages and who’s doing what on any given day so make sure you do this so there is no confusion.

Always call tradesmen a few days or one day before you expect them to confirm they are coming.

Choosing the right contractors

Before making a final decision make sure you go to the Building Services Authority Website (BSA) and check out if the contractor is licensed to do the work.  Ask him for references. Remember also that you shouldn’t be giving too much of a large deposit until the job has been completed.

Trust the people you are working with

You need to be able to trust the contractors you are working with. Ask them for advice and what they think could even be improved. However, your tradesmen want to get the job done so try not to ask them too many things so they can get on with it.

Buyers Group

Join a buyers group as an owner builder for a small yearly fee. By saying that you are a developer you will have access to material suppliers that will give you great deals on what you need for your home.

Building your home is exciting. Whether you are still choosing the right house from the best homes Victoria has to offer, or you are still in the process of finding the right block of land, I hope our list of tips has given you some helpful advice for when you commence building your new home.

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