The way you set up your new home and the additions you make can go a long towards either helping or hurting the environment, so keep this in mind every step of the way as you are going about setting up your place. The following are just a few of the more environmentally friendly additions you can make to your home.

Shower timers

Cutting down on the amount of water you use is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and a fantastic way to do this is by taking shorter showers, because anything more than a few minutes in the shower represents a tremendous waste of water. Shower timers can be set up to let you know once you have been in there for a certain period of time, and some will even cut the water at a final deadline time to force your compliance.

A rain barrel

A lot of areas have rain for some of the year but drought in others, making rain barrels an effective way to take advantage of any help you can get from Mother Nature. You can collect quite a decent amount of water in a rain barrel from even just one decent downpour, so if you live in places that experience water shortages regularly, get a rain barrel installed and make the most of the rain when you get it.


Rather than putting out heaps of garbage each week to be taken to the landfill, composting your organic kitchen scraps can significantly reduce the amount of waste you need to have taken off your property. Setting up a compost system in your backyard is extremely easy, and if you take care of it properly it can provide a huge boost to your garden. There are a lot of sites detailing how to compost, and you can often buy inexpensive compost setups from the local council, so set one up at your place and learn how to do it properly — it will be a wonderful and environmentally friendly addition to your home.

A garden for your home

Growing your own food is not only very rewarding, but also a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to meet at least some of your fresh food needs. If you have any space at all outside, or have the opportunity to set up an indoor garden, nothing tastes as good as food you have grown yourself, and adding any sort of garden is always a great idea. Some homes will even offer kit gardens too, so you may be able to have the garden built as part of the overall project; otherwise, building your own can be quite easy and extremely gratifying.

Half-flush toilets

Another wonderful environmentally friendly addition is to have toilets that come with the ability to use a half flush, as this alone can save thousands of litres of water each year. Most homes these days use half-flush toilets, so whether you are having a home built or your holiday house renovated, make sure your place isn’t wasting water.

It is everyone’s responsibility to play their part in looking out for the environment, so when you are setting up your place, don’t miss any opportunity to ensure it is as eco-friendly and low impact as possible.

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